High Quality & Bespoke Plywood Sheets For You!

Are you looking for a versatile, hardwearing, and inexpensive material to build your kitchen or wardrobe? Consider choosing plywood sheets! We, at Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited, offer a wide range of plywood sheets to be used in different applications. Choose your type to suit your need, preference, and budget. Be it softwood, birch, veneered, or walnut plywood, we have it all covered!

Being a leading supplier of plywood sheets in the U.K, we are deeply committed to delivering the highest quality plywood at the best prices! All of our plywood materials can be cut to various designs and finishes. While our thinner plywood sheets are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, thicker sheets come in a wide variety of thicknesses that can be cut, routed, and assembled to create different shapes & sizes.

From floors to walls and roofing to partitions, Marsand’s plywood sheets can be used for various purposes! All of our plywood sheets are made of veneers, glued in layers. Thus, despite being incredibly tough our plywood sheets are light to machine.

Our Plywood Range

Birch Plywood

At Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited, we are home to premium-quality birch plywood. We offer both birch plywood Cut To Size and full sheets; you may choose one to suit your needs. Our birch plywood sheets are good-quality utility plywood, incorporating the aesthetics of birch and the traditional properties of plywood. If you are seeking an ideal material for staining and lacquering, especially, for furniture manufacturing & construction purposes, consider choosing our birch Ply Cut To Size sheets.

Walnut Plywood

Our walnut plywood panels are laid up on High-Density Fibreboard, offering excellent strength, dimensional stability, and screw-holding ability. They are ideal for use in projects where shrinking, warping, swelling, or splitting are a concern. All of our walnut ply sheets sand easily and finish to a velvety, natural-colored sheen. This makes them a perfect material to be used in decorative panels and veneer, interior joinery, novelties, carving, turnery, boat building, clockcases, and musical instruments.

White Furniture Board

Are you seeking a versatile and cost-effective furniture board for furniture and shelving projects? Consider choosing Marsand’s white furniture board! All of our white ply boards are hardwearing, durable, and highly resilient to warping & splitting. Our wide range of white plywood sheets comes in various thicknesses, wood types, and treatments. You can select any of our white plywood sheets to create an elegant wooden finish at the cost needed for solid wood. Keep browsing our page to find out all available white furniture board options on Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited!

Apart from these plywood boards, we also have Egger Light Grey lacquered panels that offer a satiny-smooth feel to the touch. The smooth clean surface and the subtle hue of our Egger sheets provide a professional finish that can easily integrate itself with a multitude of palettes and styles.

So, whether you are looking for a utility-grade birch plywood Cut To Size or a white furniture board, Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited can help! We are proud to offer a wide selection of plywood sheets at competitive prices. Get in touch to discover the latest offers & discounts on our plywood range!