Melamine MDF: Elevate Your Home Interiors at Affordable Costs!

Welcome to Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited – an expert supplier of Melamine Chip Board components! With over 10 years of experience in supplying a wide selection of furniture components, we are deeply committed to delivering supreme-quality melamine MDF board products at the best prices!

Our entire range of Melamine Faced Chip Board components is of standard grade, easily machinable, and can be installed without a fuss. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive wood alternative to build desks, furniture, shelves, or surfaces, look no further than Marsand’s Melamine Faced Board range!

How is Melamine MDF Board manufactured?

Melamine boards, a widely used component in cabinet construction, are manufactured by molding a combination of melamine & formaldehyde. Melamine is more like tiny wood pieces or particleboard glued under high pressure to form durable & versatile sheets.

Melamine MDF board components are denser than plywood, making up sustainable & ideal materials for building woodwork like shelves, cabinets, office furniture, kitchen countertops, etc. Moreover, they come in numerous colors, patterns, and styles with the ability to resist moisture, surface scratches, warping, cracking, splitting, and termite or fungus infestation.

Why Use Melamine Chip Boards?

The great aesthetic appeal and high resistance to scratch, moisture, wear & tear, and affordable pricing make a Melamine Faced Chip Board perfect for a wide range of applications. To be precise, here’s why you should use Melamine Chip board components to revamp your home or office interior.

  • Versatility: Melamine MDF boards are lightweight and easily machinable components. They are ideal for surfacing dry-erase boards, whiteboards, shop fittings, and furniture. They are also used for building kitchen countertops, floors, and cabinets, mainly because of their robust & hygienic properties.
  • Durability: Once molded into sheets, Melamine MDF boards do not require any sort of treatment or finishing. They are extremely sturdy and durable materials. And as discussed, they are highly resilient to water, heat, scratch, harsh chemicals, and pollution. Their incredible strength and high durability make them a long-lasting material both in visual appeal as well as functionality.
  • Varied Styles & Designs: Melamine MDF sheets come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles, designs, sizes, and thicknesses. This makes them one of the greatest furnishing panel alternatives to be used in a vast range of applications.
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Melamine MDF Board Range at Marsand

At Marsand Bespoke Furniture Limited, you will find the biggest collection of Melamine MDF boards, thanks to our team of expert designers. We offer a wide range of unique & state-of-the-art laminate sheets than can add a luxurious & elegant touch to your home or office decor. Some of our best-selling Melamine MDF sheets include:

  • Black Melamine Chipboard: Perfect for shelving or making furniture, our Black Melamine Faced Chipboard comes with a clean, smooth, and professional finish. They are expertly crafted with a base of Standard Grade MDF board and a coating of black melamine. As a result, our melamine chipboard holds a quality that’s something above standard MDF material. Also, they are manufactured without grain or knots, making it easier to apply paints and veneers on both sides of their surface. At Marsand Bespoke, we deliver black melamine chipboards in varied sizes and thicknesses; choose one to suit your needs and preference!
  • White Melamine Board: Our White Melamine Board components come in various sizes, thicknesses, and substrates! With us, you will find premium-quality White Melamine Board cut to size as well as full sheets. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and unmatched quality solid wood alternative with a smooth surface & MDF core, stop by and check out our white melamine board range!
  • High Gloss Melamine Board: Great versatility & affordable pricing makes our High Gloss Melamine Board Cut to Size an ideal material for building furniture & flooring surfaces. They are low-density fiberboards that can be used for building prefabricated furniture. At Marsand Bespoke, you will find a wide selection of high gloss melamine boards that can add a sophisticated look to your home or office space!

Why Choose Marsand’s Melamine MDF Boards?

  • Premium Quality: Our Melamine Cut to Size sheets are manufactured using clean melamine veneers glued to standard MDF components. This makes our Melamine MDF boards extremely sturdy and durable. With us, you can expect to get the best melamine laminates at reasonable rates!
  • Competitive Pricing: Being one of the most reputed & reliable Melamine MDF Cut to Size sheet providers in the UK, we always ensure to deliver first-rate services at affordable costs. Connect with us if you are looking for budget-friendly melamine MDF sheets with uncompromising quality!
  • Customizable: Our Melamine Board Cut to Size is easily machinable, just like MDF sheets. Also, they can be easily installed without creating any fuss or hassles. For any further queries on our melamine MDF sheet customization, feel free to reach out to us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is your Melamine Faced Board solid wood material?

No, our Melamine Faced MDF Board is not a solid wood material. Basically, it incorporates a Standard Grade MDF core with a coating of melamine on its surfaces. As a result, it provides a smooth sanded, and professional finish.

Where can I use white or black Melamine Faced Chipboard?

You can use white or black melamine chipboards for a wide variety of applications. Mainly, you can utilize them for building cabinets, kitchen countertops, wardrobes, bar interiors, office interiors, shop fitting, etc.

Are Melamine MDF Boards long-lasting?

Yes, Melamine MDF boards, especially the ones delivered by Marsand Bespoke, offer excellent strength & durability. Melamine MDF sheets are also highly resilient to heat, water, fire, and scratch.

Do you offer Cutting & Edging services for Melamine MDF sheets?

Yes, here at Masand Bespoke Furniture Limited, we provide cutting & edging services for melamine MDF sheets! Connect with our specialized team to get MDF cut in 48 hrs!

Are Melamine MDF sheets eco-friendly materials?

Yes, Melamine MDF sheets are eco-friendlier than other panel materials. Get in touch to explore our extensive collection of melamine MDF board range!